Course notes

All of the  core course notes are categorised into each of the following topic areas:  

  1. Introductory concepts
  2. Market mechanism
  3. Elasticities
  4. Market structures
  5. Market failures
  6. Macro economic activity/eco growth
  7. Inflation
  8. Employment & unemployment  
  9. External Stability
  10. Income distribution
  11. Factors affecting economy
  12. Fiscal/Budgetary policy  
  13. Monetary Policy
  14. Aggregate Supply Policies

These notes are designed to provide students with the core knowledge for each of the topic areas.  Students can navigate through the notes via the ‘Course notes’ tab in the tool bar above or simply start at the beginning (Introductory concepts/ What is economics? )  and click the ‘next page’ tab in the bottom right hand corner of each page.  Alternatively, students can use the navigation panel at the bottom of each page.

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1 Introductory concepts 2  Market mechanism  3 Elasticities  4 Market structures 5  Market failures  6  Macro economic activity/eco growth  7 Inflation 8  Employment & unemployment  9  External Stability  10  Income distribution 11.Factors affecting economy  12  Fiscal/Budgetary policy  13  Monetary Policy   14 Aggregate Supply Policies  15 The Policy Mix